Laser Engraving & Personalisation .

We produce and sell a range of personalised gifts, we may also be able to engrave your own products providing proof can be provided of what the material is made of . Contact us for further details.

Do you have a project or business idea that you are having issues making a sample or prototype , we may be able to help you. Call us or contact us via our contact form.

Woodworking / Mini CNC

We also operate a small CNC machine and can produce on off small items with a max bed size of 300mm x 250mm .

Prototypes / Samples / Bespoke items

Please Note:

If you require us to cut or engrave something that we are not familiar with we will request a manufacturer datasheet to be provided, many items when lasered can emit Toxic or Corrosive substances or gasses that can be harmfull to both Humans and the machine.

PVC is a typical example this product when used in a laser will emit Chlorine gas which is a serious health hazard.

If the manufacturers datasheet is not provided we will not cut or engrave the material provided. This is for Health and Safety reasons.